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Knut Fuchs - Hundesport & Zucht - Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Quito vom SalztalblickAfter Dago I traiuned yet another German Shepard- Quito vom Salztalblick.

Quito and I also competed at the BUndessioegerprüfung. At the ago of 4 I sold Quito to Japan. At the age of 9 he competed fort he last time at the FCI World Championship.

Along wit Quito I also started training a great young Malinois…Crazy vom Parchimer Land. This dog was supposed tob e my new dog for competing. I was faszinated by her temper and speed. Unfortunately that spped cost crazy her career . During her IPO 1 Crazy injured herself so badly that i had to take her out of IPO sport.

CrazyCrazys new owner still competed in obedience with her until she was 10 years old.

Crazy is my most successfull breeding bitches passing along her great attributes to plenty of her pups. Some of her succesfull breedings are : Heavy, Hurricane, Honey, Page, Page , Pepper , Phoebe, Oitu, Punk, Räty, Rosso, Rabatz, Sepp and Soley vom further moor.

Crazy passed away at the age of almost 14 years.

After Crazy I hard a tough time finding a new dog to compete. Either the dogs I bought had health issues or their temper just didnt tur out as well as I had hoped for.

LeelandThe I got Leeland. Leeland had been living with a team mate fromm y club until he was 13 months old. He was – and still is- a real clown. Always willing to work. Energie just seems to pour out of him making obedience a real pleasure.

I started training and Lee progressed well. Lees biggest problem were his grips. This was a first form e and I thought long and hard about wether or not to continue training a dog for competition that has deficits in protection / grips. Seiing Lees never ending will to work and please i gave it a shot.

With the help of my home team we trained Lee for his first DMC Championat where he took 4th place- qualifying him fort he FMBB.

Lee and I competed at several national and world championships. At the age of 6 I retired Lee after 2 injuries during trials. I learned a lot training with Lee and dont want to miss any second o fit. Today he is a great helper at my Seminars and a great dog for beginners. He ist he first dog my daugther Mia trains with.

One year after Lee Orcan vom further Moor moved in with us. He had been raised by a ladie fromm y club until he was 11 months old. His did a great job of raising him but it just became evidend that orcanwas just too much handle for any owner.

Orcan vom further MoorOrcan and Lee were like fire and ice. Ist hard to imagine two malinois being any mor different tha these two. Lee was 55 cm high and 23,6 Kilos Orcan was 68 cm and 40 Kilos Lee the small hectic dog with grip Problems. Orcan a steady Power package like none that I have seen before with incredible performance in protection.

As a puppy few noticed how special this dog was . At the Age of one year it was bluntly obvious to all.

We started training and it was a long and hard road to success. Me and my team more then once asked ourselfs if this journey will be a succesfull one. But together we did it …and once we could send him tot he blind without a leash we knew:“ WE HAVE DONE IT . ist all downhill from here“

I started competing with orcan and he impressed Judges, the odience and last but not least the helpers. His distinctive barking and his brute strenght in protection are unparalleled . His biggest succes was the thrid place at the World championship in Slovenia.Orcan vom further Moor

My personal highlight with Orcan however was winning the DMC Championat fort he first time after competing for so many years.

Orcan is one oft he most succesfull stud dogs and – just like Klemm- already a legend.

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